The first jump course is your first step into the arena of flight. This is where you will learn all the basics of flight that you will need for your return to Earth. It is a classroom based session held on the evening before you usually jump. Main topics of instruction are equipment, exiting the aircraft, body position, canopy control, safety procedures and last but not least… how to land.

Solo Jump from 3,500

Jump Day (Saturday 4 hrs to all day)

Ground School (Friday Evening 6:30 PM start)


Tandem skydiving allows a passenger to make a skydive with an experienced Tandem instructor, jumping from an altitude of 7,500 or 10,500 feet above the ground. It is an excellent introduction to the sport, yet requires a minimal amount of preparation time.

Requires a Few Hours or Afternoon

Tandem Jump from 7,500 or 10,500 feet

20-35 seconds of Free Fall

Attached to Certified Tandem Instructor


PFF is a method of skydive training which is considered “accelerated” because this progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall.

Accelerated Progression to Solo Freefall

11 Level Program

Requires Weekend/Multi-Weekend Commitment

Includes IAD Course & Second Jump

All Jumps From 10,500 ft